Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?

How to Register: To participate, simply click the ‘Register’ navigation link and follow the step-by-step process. During the process you will create an account using your email address and student id number.

Connecting Accounts: The next step after registering and creating a profile is to connect your social media accounts or other approved accounts to your profile. Simply click or swipe (if in mobile environment) the connect button from the not connected red state to the connected green state. You will be redirected to the application you wish to connect. After you authorize the application you will be redirected back to the rewards site. Once you have authorized the application, the connect mode for that social network will change from a not connected red state to a connected green state. You can also skip this step and connect your accounts later through your ‘Dashboard’ or ‘Settings’ section. Connecting your accounts will allow you to earn more points. You can connect only one personal social media account (i.e. Facebook account) to a profile. You cannot connect the same personal social media account to multiple different rewards profiles.

Inviting Friends: Once you have connected, you can invite your friends to join. You can email, share on Facebook or Tweet out invites. You will notice a personal ‘Invite’ link, this link is tied to your social rewards account. If someone you invited registers through your link, you may earn additional points if applicable. You can also skip this step and invite friends later through the ‘Activities’ section or using your personal invite link.

Your Dashboard: This section can be found by hovering over your profile picture in the top right section of your navigation bar or by clicking the three-line navigation element in mobile or at times in a tablet environment. In your ‘Dashboard’ you can see what approved networks you have connected, how many Daily activities you can complete per network, activity limits and how many points each activity is worth. Clicking the ‘GO’ button on each network will take you to the respective ‘Activities’ section where you can see more details on approved activities. These can be found on the ‘Scorecard’ in your ‘Dashboard’ or in the ‘Activities’ section. In the ‘Activities’ section you will find the ‘Scorecard’ button (icon in mobile environment) you can click for each network that will reveal the same ‘Scorecard’ from your ‘Dashboard’. In the mobile or some tablet environments the ‘Scorecard’ will be the first icon in the top row of icons. Tapping the icon will open the ‘Scorecard’ or the respective channel. In your ‘Dashboard’ you will find your profile summary showing your avatar, daily activity limit count showing how many activities you have left in the day from the Daily Activity Limits and which social networks you have connected (a connected account icon will be highlighted, a non-connected account icon will be greyed out). You will also find your point total.

Your ‘Settings’: This section can be found by hovering over your profile picture in the top right section or by clicking the three-line navigation element in mobile or certain tablet environments. In mobile environment you may need to tap on your profile image to see additional navigation elements like your ‘Dashboard’, ‘Profile’, ‘My Rewards’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Sign Out’. In your ‘Settings’ you can edit your avatar, username, emails, gender, and contact information (make sure to fill this section out to ensure we can contact you if you win a promotion or redeem an item in the store). You can also reset your password, hide your social media profile information or hide your profile so other users can’t see it. In your ‘Settings’ you can also manage your notification preferences for emails about activity notifications, new rewards and promotions or news from the program. You can also easily manage your social media connections.

Your Profile: You can find your profile info in the ‘Profile’ section. This section can be found by hovering over your profile picture in the top right section or by clicking the three-line navigation element in mobile or tablet environment. In your ‘Profile’ you will find an avatar, daily activity limit counter showing how many activities you have left in the day and which social networks you have connected (a connected account will be highlighted, a non-connected account will be ‘greyed’ out). You will also find your point total. In your ‘Profile’ section you will see a feed of your activity. The feed shows the activities you completed, the date, time the activity was registered and which of these activities awarded you points (if applicable). This section allows you to verify that your activities were catalogued and that you received approved points.

The Activity Section: In the ‘Activity’ section you will find a breakdown for approved accounts and activities for each channel. You can view each channel’s approved activities by clicking on the respective navigation element or in mobile and some tablet views there will be smaller icons that represent each channel. The first navigation elements or icon is the ‘Scorecard’ that will show you limits, activities and points per channel. You can click this feature on and off to refresh yourself with the activity limits and points. You can also find the ‘Scorecard’ in your ‘Dashboard’.

Q: What are points and how to I get them?

Points are what you earn for doing activities. They also are the element that determines your status on the ‘Leaderboards’ or in certain ‘Contests’ (if applicable) that may be found in the ‘Promotions’ section. Your official points will stay with your profile to show your status on the All-Time Leaderboards. Contest Leaderboards or Timed Leaderboards may be deleted at the end of the contest or timed event.

Q: How can I earn points?

Once you have registered and connected your accounts you can earn points in a few ways.

Student Card swipes: You will be able to earn points for student card swipes at events. You can find this information in the ‘Scorecard’. The points you earn from a purchase may take 48 hours to a week to post to your account.

Online Site Visits: You can find the approved sites in the ‘Activities’ section. You can earn points by simply clicking the link or image to visit these sites.

Special Activities: You can earn points by participating in special activities on the rewards site homepage. These activities include polls, code for content boxes and other special programs that will be announced in the future. To stay up to date on all the ways you can earn points be sure to visit the homepage, check out the slideshow and banners, monitor the ‘Activities’ section, watch social feeds and check your email for announcements and updates.

Q: Will points or the program expire?

Yes it is possible that points and/or the program may expire. The program is intended to last a long time, but in the event that the program needs to end or be updated we will try to send an advanced warning to users and give them the opportunity to redeem points prior to their expiration.

Q: Do I have to connect my social media accounts to participate?

No. You can earn points by attending sporting events, taking polls, participating in special points programs and more that do not require connecting your social media accounts.

Q: What activities have to originate from the program website for points?

Some activities require you to start/originate the activity from the website.

These include earning points for signing up, logging in, connecting your accounts, inviting friends to join, visiting approved websites in the ‘Activities’ section, taking a poll, entering a special code and visiting an approved Facebook timeline.

Other activities do not require you to start at the rewards site to earn points or capture activity. This includes student card swipes at approved athletics events.

Q: I have completed the activities but I did not earn points right away. Why is that?

Sometimes there is a delay in points showing up on your profile. Points can take longer than 24 hours to appear depending on the social network and usage. You can verify that your activity has been counted in your ‘Profile’ section.

We promote authentic interaction and gaming or spamming the system may result in no points being awarded, removal of points, removal from a promotion, removal of a redeem store items or elimination of profile from the program. Please read the answer to the question below for some helpful hints on gaming and spamming.

Q: What is gaming or spamming?

We promote authentic interaction and gaming or spamming the system may result in no points being awarded, removal of points, removal from a promotion, removal of a redeemed store item or elimination of your profile from the program.

If an account with the purpose of gaming or spamming the system is found, it will be reviewed to determine the appropriate outcome. Gaming and spamming the system may include but are not limited to the following:

Opening up a fake social media account: Your account may be classified as fake if the social media account is opened within one month of registering for this program. Social media accounts that have less than 25 followers or friends, that only post about program information and are not used for interacting with friends or other businesses and social media accounts without avatars, names or descriptions all can be considered fake accounts. Please use your official accounts that you use to engage with your friends, family and associates in order to avoid removal.

Emailing: If you use fake email addresses, enter an excessive amount of email addresses per email or send inappropriate content may be considered spamming or gaming the system and you may be removed from the program.

Q: What is considered inappropriate content?

If a post, image, photo, avatar, username or other items include derogatory or foul language, images or are a personal attack on a user, fan, employee or any other person they will be considered inappropriate. If a post is not in the spirit of supporting the organization, it may also be considered inappropriate. If a piece of content is found to be inappropriate your points and post may be removed. We encourage honest, respectful positive and negative comments but inappropriate, disrespectful, derogatory content, comments and behavior will result in loss of points, possible removal from the social rewards program and removal from any official social media accounts or programs.

Q: How do I enter a promotion?

In the ‘Promotions’ section you will find two different types of promotions.

The first type is a sweepstakes. These promotions only require you to register for the Buff Student Rewards Program. Once you have registered you can enter the sweepstakes without having to connect any social media accounts.

The second is a contest. These are not a random selection like the sweepstakes. They are contests based upon the total points accrued during the contests specified timeframe.

You will find all the details within each individual promotion’s descriptions and official rules.

If you win a promotion we will need to contact you so please fill out your contact information in your ‘Settings’.

Q: If I have a question or support issue what should I do?

If you have a question about the program, points, your profile, etc. please use the ‘Contact Us’ link in the Footer Navigation or use the ‘Have a Questions About This Program’ contact us link in the FAQ’s.

If your question can be answered in the FAQ’s, you may not receive an immediate response so please read through the FAQ’s in detail before submitting a question.

Q: What is a Social Network Disclosure?

The owners of this program agree to not directly compensate individuals participating in the rewards program for specific content that they may choose to share on their individual social network accounts, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. Individuals that choose to share content from this program either through the social rewards program or directly do so on an entirely voluntary basis, and have acknowledged by using this site and by participating in the social rewards program that they will not be compensated for any specific postings that they may choose to share. This is to ensure compliance with: Facebook, Twitter, Google and other approved social network that are part of the social rewards programs. Users should review the terms of all approved social networks as part of participating in the social rewards program.

Q: What is a Federal Trade Commission Disclosure?

The Federal Trade Commission, under their revised Endorsement Guidelines require the disclosure of affiliate relationship and material connection for individuals posting content where they may be materially compensated. This disclosure is hereby provided. Although we do not directly compensate individuals in any manner for individual content promotions or postings, individuals that sign up for the social rewards program in general may receive compensation in the form of coupons, discounts, contest entries for prizes, and other incentives. Please note that these incentives are provided solely as part of a larger rewards program and a user participation is done so voluntarily. In addition a user is not required to create positive post/shares/tweets, etc. in order to earn points and that daily opportunities to earn points are capped.

Q: Will I get points for swiping my member or student card at a game?

Yes, you will receive points for swiping your identification card at a game./

You will only receive credit for one check in so if you also checked in on Foursquare or another mobile application, you will only receive points for your card swipe and not for the social media check in.

Identification swipes may take up to one week to process depending on the game. You can verify what activities were awarded points in your ‘Profile’.

Q: Will I get points for visiting pages on approved websites?

A Website visit must be initiated from the Activities section by clicking on the approved Website image/link on each Website Page Tile. You will not get credit for visiting a page unless you come to the site and click on one of the approved Website Page Tiles.

Q: What if I am in 9-12th grade or considered a recruited student-athlete?

In accordance with NCAA regulations, any student enrolled in the 9th through 12th grades or junior college is not eligible to participate in "experience" type prizes. Failure to comply places the entire University Athletics Department in violation of NCAA rules and jeopardizes our institution's good standing with the NCAA. By participating in the Social Rewards program, you are confirming your knowledge of the NCAA rules and regulations pertaining to this request and agree to abide by all said guidelines. Prize winners and any guests must be fans of the University and are expected to dress and act in a professional and courteous manner. If at any time the prize winner or guest is not acting in a professional and courteous manner, the Athletics Department reserves the right to terminate the experience prematurely.

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